Rental Fees & Capacities

Rental Fees & Capacities

What does the rental fee include?
Depending upon the amount paid, the fee includes the interior terrace, exterior terrace, tent and garden areas. Also, the museum galleries will remain open during the event for your guests. Up to four hours for your event, plus three hours for set-up and breakdown are included in the fee. (The tent sides are NOT included in the rental fee.) All decorations and equipment to accommodate your event and guests must be rented through your caterer and equipment rental vendor. Additional event or set-up/clean-up time may be purchased when contracting for $250.00 per hour

What are event capacities?
The interior terrace can accommodate about 50 guests for a standing reception or 30 guests for a seated dinner. The exterior terrace can accommodate about 75 guests for a standing reception or 50 guests for a seated dinner. The tented area can accommodate about 200 guests for a standing reception or 150 guests for a seated dinner. Keep in mind that one or all of the areas can be combined to suit your event needs.

Floor Plan of the First Floor & Garden
Floor Plan of the Second Floor

Can I put a date on hold?
At this time, dates can only be secured six months prior to the event.  A date can be held for one week. It is your responsibility to inform us if you choose to book the date. If we don’t hear from you we will assume that you no longer want the date and the next person interested in the date can book.

How do I secure a date?

At this time, dates can only be secured six months prior to the event.A security deposit (payable to the National Woman’s Party or NWP) is required to secure your event date. The rate depends on the size of the event and ranges from $500 to $1000.

When will the security deposit be returned?
Pending any damages, overtime, and clean-up, it will be returned the month following your event. For example, refunds for September events are processed in October.

Will you close the House to public tours during our event?
This will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to buyout the Museum for your event, an additional fee of $2,500.00 will apply.

Can we see a sample contract before deciding to book our event?
Certainly! Please click here to see a sample contract (PDF format).

Does it cost extra to hold an event during the holidays?
Yes. We observe all Federal holidays. There is a $500.00 surcharge for events held on these holidays or the weekend or day preceding the holiday.

Do you have a nonprofit discount? Discount for corporate sponsors?
Yes, we offer a discount for non-profit and government organizations.

Do you have any other discounts?
We are pleased to offer rental discounts to our Sewall-Belmont Legacy Committee members. Learn more about membership and its benefits here.

When do you start charging overtime? How much is overtime?
The event time starts when the first guest arrives to when the last guest leaves. Overtime is charged for any portion thereof outside of the contracted event time. If needed, additional hours can be purchased for $250.00 per hour at the time the contract is written. Overtime will be assessed at $600.00 per hour.

How many restrooms do you have?
The House has three restrooms: one ADA accessible restroom on the main level and two restrooms on the second floor. They are all single stall restrooms.

What type of flowers are in the garden? If we request, will you plant specific items for our event?
We keep the garden and plantings very basic. Generally, the flowers around the larger garden are peonies or impatiens. We will not plant specific flowers to accommodate an event. You are welcome to bring in potted flowers/greenery to enhance the garden or tent. However, these must be removed at the conclusion of your event.

Will Sewall-Belmont House & Museum staff be on site during our event?
Generally, between two to five Museum Assistants are included in the rental fee. They are stewards of the House and will answer guest questions about Alice Paul, the National Woman’s Party or the House itself. At no time will the Museum Assistants help with decorating, vendor check-in, etc.

Are photos allowed outside?
Absolutely! However, please keep in mind that no museum artifacts or signage will be moved to accommodate photography.

We’d like to have photos taken inside the House. Is this possible?
Certainly! However, please keep in mind that no museum artifacts or signage will be moved to accommodate photography. Also, please make sure your photographer knows that flash photography is prohibited inside the museum.

We’d like to have a photo taken on the main staircase. Can you remove the “Sewall-Belmont” banner?
We do not remove any signage or artifacts for any events. Your photographer must work with or around these items.

We have guests that have a hard time walking up stairs/are in a wheelchair. Are you accessible?
Yes we are! The garden, terrace, and first floor of the house are accessible through the use of both an exterior and interior wheelchair lift.

What are the closest Metro stations?
Union Station (Red line) is four blocks away. Capitol South (Orange/Blue lines) is six blocks away.

Where can our guests park?
There is limited street parking available. Also, Union Station, 101 Constitution NW, and Eastern Market have pay garages.

Do you offer valet service?
You are welcome to use valet service. However, you will need to make all arrangements. Because the permitting process can be quite lengthy, we highly recommend that you start investigating this as soon as you decide to offer this to your guests.

Is it easy to get a cab to/from the House?
Generally, yes but this depends the time of day. Most often, you can catch a cab on Constitution Avenue (by the Senate buildings). There is also a taxi stand at Union Station.

Can you recommend places to stay?
There is a wide variety of hotels and B&Bs in and near the hill. Using one of the more popular travel websites will give you some options. You can also visit for information.

Can we stop by to see the site? Do we need an appointment?
You are more than welcome to stop by for a quick visit! No appointment is necessary during public museum hours Friday &Saturday between 11AM and 3PM. Site visits only take a few minutes and are self-guided. When you arrive let the Museum Assistant know that you are interested in seeing the site. Once you’ve seen the space, or if you have any additional questions please e-mail our Private Events department. An appointment is required if you would like a staff-led walkthrough of the space. Please call 202-546-1210 ext.12 or email