Catering, Liquor & Vendors

Catering, Liquor & Vendors

Do you have an approved catering list?
Yes. We have a list of approved caterers, they are as follows:

Geppetto Catering
Josh Carin
(301) 927-8800

Haute Catering
Vanessa Belsito
(202) 226-9387

Main Event Caterers
Spencer McCormack
(703) 820-2028 ext. 238

Occasions Caterers
Erica O’Brien
(202) 454-7832

Can we use a caterer that isn’t on your list?
This may be possible on a case-by-case basis. If we approve your use of a caterer that is not on our approved list, an additional fee of $750 will apply. The catering company must carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and a liquor license if you choose to have bar service.

How much does it cost to have a seated dinner/buffet/standing reception?
This depends upon what you serve and to how many people. Please contact your caterer and/or event planner to discuss pricing and menu options.

Can you help us decide on what to serve and how to serve it?
While we can help answer site related questions, your caterer or event planner is the best resource for these questions.

Do you have any food/liquor restrictions?
We don’t restrict any food that can be accommodated within our catering guidelines. Nor do we restrict beverages. In other words, you are welcome to have red wine, cranberry juice, tomato sauces, etc. Please keep in mind, though, that at no time are food or beverages permitted in the historic section of the House.

Is a liquor license required?
Yes. Some caterers have a traveling license while others can secure the license for you. Other than providing the necessary documentation required to grant the license, we will not facilitate the license. Nor are we responsible for any fees associated with getting or failing to get a license. Please click here for more information regarding the ABC licensing application. Please note: Cash bars are not allowed.

At what time can vendors access the House?
This depends upon other events, and public hours for the museum we may have around the time of your event. You should assume that you will only have access two hours before the event and one hour following your event. If you require more time, you may purchase additional hours, if available, when contracting for $250.00 per hour.