Share Your Story. Save HerStory.

The story of women’s equality continues to evolve every day. Records are created, activism continues, books are written, and history is made. Cultural heritage institutions strive to capture snapshots of everyday life to share with future generations to entertain, to educate, and to inspire. The stories we try to tell are personal and political, based in both historical fact and varied perception, but always with the same mission: to celebrate the ongoing quest for women’s equality.

Sewall-Belmont tells the story of the National Woman’s Party, from their work to ratify the 19th amendment to the domestic and international contributions they made to the fight for women’s equality. While the historical collection is limited to this scope, the connections to the past, present, and future are not. As Emily noted in her May 1st blog, Susan B. Anthony had connections with Victoria Woodhull that would later relate to the NWP’s work. First of all, the Museum displays Anthony’s desk as well as a picture of Frederick Douglass, Woodhull’s Vice Presidential running mate (unbeknownst to him). But on top of that, these women are connected to the NWP through the arc of history, because they contributed to the suffrage campaign and to securing other rights for women.

The point is, the National Woman’s Party’s work relates to us all, and so we are reaching out to you to tell us about Your Story. We are excited to launch a new virtual campaign called “Share Your Story. Save HerStory.” This oral history project aims to elevate the voices of NWP members who fought so hard for women’s suffrage in the first place, while capturing the living history of women voters today and tomorrow.

Our theme for 2012 is “Women’s Voices, Women’s Votes” – in an election year, no other issue could be as perfect!

Sewall-Belmont educates the public on the history of the NWP and their fight for suffrage, but to raise awareness about women’s suffrage, we need to convene online conversations, and we want to start with your story. Why is woman suffrage important to you? Why will you vote this year? Who are the women (past and present) who inspire you to vote? What do you think women should know about the NWP and how will that move them to vote in 2012? Whatever story you have to share, we want to hear it.

We will be collecting stories in the following formats:
• Blog post – around 300 words with a photo or video from you
• Video – 1-2 minutes long, and something we can post to YouTube
• Facebook – an image and a few sentences or paragraph we can share on our Facebook page
• Twitterview – an interview on Twitter where you will chat with Sewall-Belmont staff and others for 30 minutes, sharing your story and learning from others, to be hosted on Thursdays in the afternoon

This contribution will impact the Museum in two ways: First, your involvement will help raise awareness about the brave women who worked to advance women’s rights. Second, by sharing your story, you will add your voice to the conversation we convene here to inspire the ongoing quest for women’s equality.
Please consider joining us in this effort. Add your story to HerStory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elisabeth Crum at (202) 546.1210 ext. 17 or Thank you again for supporting the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story. Save HerStory.

3 Responses to Share Your Story. Save HerStory.

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  2. Rhonda Tuman says:

    Perhaps I have over read this; however, where do you want the stories and photos to go? Leave it here, or send them to Ms. Crum?

    Rhonda Tuman

    • Elisabeth Crum says:

      You can post images to our Facebook page or email Elisabeth to submit a blog piece or YouTube video. Thanks!

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