At Sewall-Belmont we consider ourselves lucky to have a dedicated and passionate group of Museum Assistants who work hard to ensure that our visitors and program attendees have an excellent experience at the Museum. They have an inspiring interest in our history and collection, and they often develop creative ways to share the story of the NWP with new audiences.

This year, a group of Museum Assistants volunteered their own time to submit a Peeps diorama to The Washington Post (click here to learn more about the Peeps Diorama contest), using the NWP as their inspiration. We are proud to present to you, the NWPeeps!

NWPeeps Full View
NWPeeps Watchfire
NWPeeps Tricolor
NWPeeps with banners
NWPeeps with Woodrow Wilson
NWPeeps selling The Suffragist

2 Responses to NWPeeps

  1. Ronda Bernstein says:

    Hope you made the finals!

    • Elisabeth Crum says:

      Sadly we did not, but we are glad to see so many people viewing and sharing the Peeps images on Facebook.

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